Porter Square: Sustainable Shopping Center

Porter Square Shopping Center Renovation

Porter Sq

Client: Gravestar, Inc. Company that owns and manages shopping centers
This renovation transformed a declining 1950’s strip mall into an attractive, beautifully landscaped community market place. Neighborhood associations, involved in the planning, strongly influenced the design. Environmentally sustainable features include energy savings measures, toxic use reduction and a system that collects, cleans and stores parking-lot drainage to irrigate the landscaping.

Solar Power at Porter Square: Cole & Associates was instrumental in bringing photovoltaic (solar power) installation to Porter Square. Cole coordinated the efforts of photovoltaic, design and engineering firms to develop a plan meeting the client’s objects with respect to energy generation, grid connection, design compatibility, and cost. TPV system at Porter Square was the first solar power installed at a shopping center in the U.S. Thsystem includes an educational computerized display that shows the output of

American Institute of Architecture Paper:  The Porter Square Project (PDF) described in the attached report by Cole et al. presented at AIA’s Mainstreaming Green Conference (Oct, 1999) and in an article in Shopping Center World (September, 1999).


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