Henry S. Cole & Associates, Incorporated: providing science to protect the environment and communities.

Henry S. Cole, Ph.D. President Environmental and Atmospheric Scientist

Updated: January 2019

More than 25-Years ago, Henry S. Cole, Ph.D. founded the firm to provide scientific support for communities, environmental organizations, law firms, and tech companies working to improve the environmental health and sustainability of communities and ecosystems.  We have been able to realize our vision through: 

  • Technical assistance and expert witness for Native American and minority   communities facing serious  pollution problems.
  • Expert research and testimony needed to help communities stop environmentally damaging developments (e.g. mega-gas stations and hot-mix asphalt plants, open court and administrative hearings.
  •  Served as an expert witness for plaintiffs claims against adverse impacts and nuisance (e.g. odorous emissions from landfills and other facilities).
  • Supported tech firms with sustainable alternatives to products containing toxic chemicals (e.g. arsenic-free/ chromium-free pressure treated wood, and PCE-free dry cleaning.
  • Extensive research on indigenous peoples, their role as defenders of nature, and the threats posed by extractive economic development.

Career: For more than 40-years Dr. Cole has applied his background in environmental and atmospheric sciences toward cleaner air and water, toxic use reduction and safer communities. His career includes academics, government (senior scientist with EPA), a decade as Science Director of Clean Water Action/Fund, and consulting.  Link to Detailed Resume.

Special Expertise: Dr. Cole has specialized expertise in the fields of air pollution meteorology and air quality modeling and served as a senior scientist and section chief in U.S. EPA’s Air Quality Office and as an expert witness in legal and administrative cases in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands.

Air Quality Modeling: We are able to offer air quality modeling through our associated Howard Gephart, meteorologist with Air Resources Specialists, Inc.  He has 30 years of experience addressing regulatory compliance and air quality modeling. We use EPA-recommended models including AERMOD–critical to determine the impact of sources such as power plants, industrial facilities, etc.

Awards: The company and Dr. Cole have received a number of rewards for our work:

  • EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for his work promoting environmentally safe wood preservatives (2002)
  • ACE Award from the Alliance for a Clean Environment for scientific support to improve the cleanup of a Superfund site in Pottstown, PA (2011)
  • Peoples Scientist Award from Clean Water Action,  (1992) 
  • Environmental Hero Award from Heart of Illinois Group Sierra Club


       Link to Publications, Reports, Expert Testimony


About Henry S. Cole, Ph.D.

I'm interested in the deep resilience of ecosystems and what we might learn from nature about economic success. See the "About" page.
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